UK Transit Visa

By Air: If you are a visa-national, you will not need a visa for transit unless you pass through the “passport control point” at Turkish Airports.

As of 15 August 2023, all visa applicants to the TRNC must obtain a double transit visa for Türkiye before applying for a TRNC Visa.

Please note that you cannot leave airport transit area and you must hold a ticket to a destination outside of Turkey. You must also have permission/visa to enter the destination country, if such permit/visa is required.

By Sea or Land: If you intend to travel by sea or land via Turkey, you will need a visa. Please refer to Information on Tourist Visa. The application procedure is the same as tourist visa.

Before applying for a transit visa, all passport and travel document holders must obtain a visa of the destination country. If you are exempt from a visa to the destination country, then they will have to submit an official letter issued by the countries’ diplomatic representatives confirming that they do not need any visa.