UK Medical Visa

All applicants travelling for Medical purposes must obtain permission from the Turkiye . This type of visa takes around 6 weeks or longer to be complete. You must apply at least 6 weeks before your surgery date. Cosmetic appointments and surgeries are also categorised under the Medical Visa.

In addition to the documents listed on the Tourist Visa section, please see below for additional documents:

  1. Medical Letter with the Hospital’s Letterhead including their address and contact details. Doctor’s contact details. In-depth review on what kind of surgery or what kind of treatment it is (e.g if it Dentistry please include all details , also for Cosmetic, Hair Transplant, Cardiology, MRI Scan etc.) Letter should contain the dates of the surgery or follow up appointments. void to waiting time at our office , please bring correct letter from your hospital . We will not keep your passport/travel document for this type of visa. You will need to bring it in once you have been granted permission.