UK Filming, Research and Archaeology Visa

Visa for Filming/Scientific Research/Archeological Excavation:

If you wish to prepare documentary films related to scientific research and observation, make commercial and promotional films or conduct archeological exaction within Turkey you must obtain prior permission from the Turkish authorities.

You will thereafter be issued with appropriate visa. Please contact the Turkish Consulate and Tourism Office in London for commercial and promotional films and the Turkish Embassy in London for all other permissions.

Visa for Academic Research:

  1. Passport with an expiration date at least 6 months beyond the “duration of stay” of the visa, e-visa, visa exemption, or residence permit.
  2. One passport size photograph of the applicant
  3. An acceptance letter from the relevant authorities in Turkey (Library, University etc.)
  4. Student or Employer letter from the University in United Kingdom.
  5. Latest 2 months bank statement which shows reasonable amount of money.

If you have a sponsor, please submit sponsor’s letter, bank statements and passport copy.

The requested duration and dates for work visa must match in Job Offer Letter, Employment Contract and Application Form.

Archeology Visa:

Please email [email protected] for this type of visa.